Rich in phyto-nutrients, kale is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Packed with calcium and fiber, Kale is low in calories and provides you with a good dose of vitamins A and C.

If you like gardening, it’s a hearty vegetable that is usually pretty easy to grow. When shopping look for leaves that are fresh, not wilted and evenly colored. Don’t be fooled by quantity. A large bunch of kale can weigh more than a pound but, like spinach, it will cook down to about 4 cups.

In preparing kale, be sure to de-stem it, since the stem is course and and hard to digest. You can steam it, or gently saute it with onion, garlic and lots of black pepper — for a complete meal add black beans and a pinch of cayenne pepper!

Kale chips – a great substitute for potato chips also make a great snack. Farmers’ Markets are loaded with kale these days – take some home and enjoy!