Cornucopia Institute’s New Report, Cereal Crimes has given me reason to continue to ask that question. As I kid I remember loving my bowl of cereal in the morning, and as I grew and went off to college, graduate school and professional life I know my tastes in cereal have changed, but cereal is often just what I want for breakfast. For years now I have taken issue with just how sweet most brands of granola have become so within the past year, I have started making my own homemade granola.

I am super grateful for my bowl of rolled oats as I read through Cereal Crimes and the scorecard that accompanies it. Sugar was just one of the ingredients that I had to worry about! It turns out that when a company lists “natural ingredients” it doesn’t have to list the amount of herbicide and pesticide are sprayed on those ingredients. In contrast, “Federal law requires that organic food products be produced in ways that promote ecological sustainability, without the toxic inputs and genetically engineered ingredients that are common in the conventional food system” (Cornucopia Institute 2011 p. 5).