It’s that time of year when farmers’ markets open up and bring fresh local vegetables and fruits Farmers Marketwithin blocks of our homes!

This summer I will be participating in the new Route 1 Farmers’ Market located in the Gateway Arts District, 4100 Rhode Island Avenue in Brentwood, MD. This is a new farmers’ market site for my neighborhood.  

It will be located at the old B & J Auto Lot, which was purchased by the Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority and slated for development by Landex Companies.

Join me on June 21 for a food demonstration and talk on the importance of eating fermented foods. I will be making up a batch of sauerkraut and sharing some easy salad recipes (since all kinds of greens are now in season).

I look forward to seeing you there from 8am – 2 pm on June 21!