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Last Sunday, my classmate Josh Smith and I gave a presentation at a parish in downtown F&F-KM-Teach-DSC_4757Baltimore organized by the Baltimore Food and Faith Project, supported by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for a Livable Future. While I did mention this in my previous blog, I did want to give a shout out to the good work of the Baltimore Food and Faith project — working with faith communities, religious schools, and faith-based organizations to address social and economic justice in the food system as well as ecological care.

Josh and I were welcomed by a fantastic group of people eager to learn more about how to combine making healthy food choices with more sustainable living.

F&F_apple-chop_4734On the menu were 50 lbs of apples donated by the Baltimore Orchard Project, an organization dedicated to bringing productive fruit trees and fresh fruit to neighborhoods throughout Baltimore;  by doing so, they are working with local neighborhoods and faith communities to create a greener and healthier city, and more resilient neighborhood communities.



We all have a right to food, and to know exactly what’s in our food, but sometimes polices, practices and perceptions get in our way of actually being able to put safe, nutritious and enough of it on our tables. LaDonna Redmond, long-time community activist and senior program associate at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy’s Food and Justice program lays out what these issues are in this TEDx talk….


There is something seriously wrong with the way the U.S. sets food policy. In many place people are not being paid fair prices for their work to produce the food. One of the most blatant practices has been brought to light by the Coalition for Immokolee Workers based on Florida. For years farm workers who pick tomatoes have been paid a mere penny per pound of tomatoes they pick – watch this video to see workers talking about this injustice in the following video.

In 2011 Congress will deliberate on a new farm bill, and as the debate unfolds I will be commenting on various aspects of the bill having to do with worker justice, ecological impact and health and nutrition implications. Stay tuned!

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