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This fall I am thrilled to be offering workshops in my neighborhood of Mt. Rainier, MD. I would love for you to come out and see me and to get to know Joe’s Movement Emporium, a vibrant resource for people who love to art as much as they like to move!

For each event listed below, the suggested donation is $10.

Please pre-register at, or click on each of the links to reserve your spot!

CC0 Public Domain

CC0 Public Domain

BREAKING UP WITH SUGAR Thursday, October 8th at 7 pm. Designed for people who have been told to cut the salt from their diets! 60-minute workshop on the role of salt in the body, that covers of the reasons why doctors often recommend a reduced salt diet with certain health conditions. Workshop will cover new science on salt as well as action steps individuals can take if they are interested in reducing their salt intake.

SALT: FRIEND OR FOE? Sunday, October 18th at 2 pm. Designed for people who have been told to cut the salt from their diets! 60-minute workshop on the role of salt in the body, that covers of the reasons why doctors often recommend a reduced salt diet with certain health conditions. Workshop will cover new science on salt as well as action steps individuals can take if they are interested in reducing their salt intake.

APPLE SEASON COOKING DEMONSTRATION Thursday, October 29th at 7 pm.  Participants will become acquainted with the nutritional benefits of apples, they will learn what to look for when choosing apples, how to store them and how to cook with them. Participants will also participate in making and sampling a sugarless apple snack, a green apple smoothie and an easy-to-make apple-squash soup. All easy-to-follow recipes will be shared with participants so they can make these dishes at home.

SPICES, FLAVORS AND FLAVORING Thursday, November 12, at 7 pm. Designed for people who want to cut down on salt and add more spice to their meals but do not know where to start! What role do spices play in our life? How are they aligned to our sense of taste? 50-minute workshop on how to use spices with some basics on how to get the flavors you’ve tasted at restaurants in the dishes you cook at home.

HEALTH STRATEGIES FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON Sunday, November 22nd at 2 pm.  Designed for people who feel that their best health goals are completely undone by the 5 weeks of holiday parties that happen between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. Participants will receive a number of strategies and work to formulate their own plans for staying on track during the holiday season.

THE SKINNY ON FATS  Sunday, December 6th at 2 pm.  Confused about the “new science on fat?” Can I eat fats now, or are they still dangerous to my health? Participants will learn about the sources of fat in the diet as well as the difference between saturated, unsaturated and trans fats, and which are the fats that are to be avoided. Participants will recognize the different names for fats, the benefits of some essential fatty acids for optimal health and will receive concrete recommendations on how to cook and store their oils to prevent them from spoiling.

Use this link, Hearty Nutrition Line up, to download a PDF of all the upcoming events at Joe’s Movement Emporium.

It’s not quite Halloween, but grocery store shelves have been exploding with bags and bags of candy since the first day of school. Avoiding candy might be easy for you – but throughout our days we are constantly invited to add sweet treats.

Photo License: CC0 Public Domain

Photo License: CC0 Public Domain

Starting with the sugar-laden morning drinks offered at your favorite cafe – or the snacks people bring in to share at work – or even the glorified candy bars labeled as “high fiber” that we are convinced we need as a post workout snack… We are constantly invited to load up on Sugar in some way, shape or form.

Yes, there are sugar substitutes that many people have turned to because they are lower in calories. These may be good options, especially if you are living with diabetes. The only issue is that once your tongue tastes sweet, your body wants more.

Photo license: CC0 Public Domain

So, in the long run, these sugar substitutes may increase cravings for (and therefore your consumption of) more sugary snacks. Ultimately, though we might avoid calories with one snack, that good deed is often undone by the increased desire for more sugar-coated calories.

Avoiding sugar takes some willpower, but honestly, almost everyone I know who has gone cold turkey to eliminate sugar says that once they get through the first 2-3 days, their taste for sugar decreases and they don’t really look for it any more.

Whether you’re ready to kick the sugar habit or just want understand more about it, I invite you to join me at one of these two upcoming sugar workshops to find out all the names for sugar that may hide in popular products, to get tips on reducing cravings and to find ways to live without it.

Thursday, October 8 at 7 pm at Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainer, MD. Click here for registration and details.

Monday, November 2 at 7:30 pm at Center Point Healing in College Park, MD. Details and registration will be posted soon – I will post the links when they are available!

If you don’t live in the DC Metropolitan area and are interested in either of these workshops, or on working on your own relationship with sugar, contact me to schedule a 30 minute phone or Skype call to assess your needs and to work out a plan of action!

With Halloween upon us, open season for sugar consumption begins. Though we’re free to eat whatever we want, it turns out that a steady diet of added sugars can have a devastating impact on health and wellness. The first step is always just to recognize how much sugar you’re consuming and one of the easiest ways to do this to to study food labels.

Sugar, by any other name… Sugar (in one form or another) is added to more food products than you can imagine. There are also a large number of “variants” of sugar – depending on the kind of processing that has occurred. Here is a list to get you started in identifying sugars. I’m sure you can come up with many more names for sugar:


Apple Juice concentrate Aspartame

Baker’s sugar

Brown sugar

Corn syrup


Demerara Sugar



Evaporated Cane Juice

Free Flowing Brown Sugars




Grape Juice Concentrate

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Maltose Corn syrup

Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate (HSH)


Invert Sugar










Maple syrup


Muscovado or Barbados Sugar


Orange Juice concentrate



Powdered or confectioner’s Rebiana/ Stevia

Rice Syrup





Sugar (granulated)




Turbinado sugar



Books & Articles:

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan. Penguin Books, NY. 2009.

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, Penguin Press, NY 2008.


The Center for Science in the Public interest devoted a page to explaining what additives go into our foods: Learn more at:

I came across this video where kids trade into their Halloween candy for smoothies! Great idea for a teacher that wants to keep order in the classroom the week after Halloween!

Honestly, I don’t know why we do this to our selves. Halloween kicks off a season of over sugaring ourselves, our families and friends. No wonder gyms do so well signing up people in January. It’s when people finally stop blindly grabbing the sugar fix and start thinking about fixing the insulin resistance, inflammation, bloating and extra pounds that all that extra sugar has caused.

Challenge yourself to doing the holidays differently this year – get rid of the extra Halloween candy laying around the house. You could “donate it” to the landfill — God knows your hips and thighs don’t need it! Trade that sweet stuff in for some whole fruit, fruit smoothies, or sweet winter vegetables steamed and sprinkled with cinnamon. You’ll get rid of the sugar roller coaster of moods and energy and feel an even stream of energy throughout the day.

Next get some  exercise. As the hours of daylight wane, combat the blues that come from missing that sunshine with some good, old fashion movement! Figure out a daily routine that involves 20 to 30 minutes of movement. It could be walking, jumping rope, dancing, doing yoga stretches — what ever you choose your mind and body will thank you. Even better yet — select an activity and do it with someone. You’ll keep one another on track and both be in a better mood for it!

Remember, you are not a slave to that candy that is staring at you from your son or daughter’s halloween stash, or from your own overbought cache of goodies. Remove it from your sight and move on to a healthier you!

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