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Rt. 1 Farmers Market and Bazaar. June 21, 2014

Rt. 1 Farmers Market and Bazaar. June 21, 2014

Celebrate the summer solstice by serving yourself some delicious salad greens!

Remember that long, cold winter? We thought we’d never see summer, but it’s here, and greens like lettuces, spinach and arugula are abundant. Now is a great time to find┬ásome delicious greens at your local farmers’ market. Or, better yet – pick some fresh from your very own garden.

The dressing you put on your greens will really make a difference, so don’t settle for something store-bought. Mix up your own; it’s easy, and YOU control the flavors!

Go to my recipes page and click on Three Salad Dressings to find easy ways to serve up your salad greens. These are the same recipes I shared at the Rt. 1 Farmers Market and Bazaar today, in honor of the summer solstice.

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