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The winter holiday parties are upon us… and in spite of following some good holiday tips to keep us on track with health and nutrition goals – a little eggnog here and some hors d’oeuvres there all seem to add up.  At this point some people just throw in the towel and give up. 2011 is another year – eat, drink and be merry now and January 2 will present an opportunity to get right back on track.

Just remember it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. We are not perfect and one spicy-sugary drink, or a few bites of fatty food cannot bring you down unless you let it. It’s all about balance. And if you are trying to do well 90 percent of the time, you are doing well. Just remember to keep the 10 percent splurge rate to 10 percent. If it soars to 20 percent on any particular day – scale back to 10 and you won’t feel that you’ve thrown out all your good work for the past months. Your body will thank you for not making such a roller coaster out of what it has to process, and you will feel better about living a balanced life. No deprived feelings, just healthy choices.

Good luck! And for more support see my winter holiday season survival tips below. And in January, those in the Washington DC Metropolitan area can join me in a workshop on making resolutions called Make satisfaction in life the focus of your new year!


I am always challenging clients to get rid of what is in their way to having the healthy life they were meant to live. And in terms of naming the obstacles, I have to say that the holiday season ironically ends up being one of the biggest obstructions to living a balanced life. Holiday parties with their rich food and lavish drinks throw people off healthy eating routines, and gift-giving rat-race turns the whole holiday season into a material frenzy.

It’s often hard to remember that we have choices during days like BLACK FRIDAY. We can consciously decide to spend the day far away from the commercial chaos and instead find ways to reconnect with ourselves and the people we love. Mother Nature Network featured a blog last week encouraging people to buy nothing on Friday, November 26.  I encourage you to think through the four reasons to buy nothing, and see how much of this is true for  you.

It the face of Black Friday and its corresponding ads and  gimmicks it is easy to forget that living a balanced, well-nourished life has nothing to do with stuff.  For many of my family members and friends Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday because it is about being together with people you love around a table. Yes, there is eating and often over-eating involved, but what really nourishes us on a day like Thanksgiving is our gratitude for the relationships in our lives that we hold dear.

Stay tuned for future blog posts where I intend to write more about consumerism’s impact on Earth and its people as malls around the country declare open season for shopping. Happy Thanksgiving!

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